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2019 Reflections

The year is almost over so it's time to reflect on my writing goals and achievements for the year.

It's hard to believe that it's already Christmas Eve. Where did the year go? I went into this year with a huge list of Episode-related goals. I failed all but one. Time got away from me this year. In December 2018, I started a new job and trying to fit in writing as well has been difficult. On top of that, I spent a good portion of my free time this year writing TapTales on Chapters to explore new genres and also a new platform.

At the start of the year, my goals were simple:

  • Enter at least two Episode official contests.

  • Publish season 2 of Hit and Run, season 3 of Cyberstalk and the Maternal Instincts prequel

  • Release a revamped Cyberstalk in Limelight

  • Complete at least three stories and have no more than one published, but unfinished, story at year end

  • Hit 1 million total reads.

As mentioned above, I failed all but one. The one I achieved? I hit 1 million total reads a few months back.

So what happened with the others?

I entered one creator's contest in February with my friend Mavis. Our story, Agent Cinderella, was one of the winners! It was also one of the most heavily-directed stories I've ever worked on and it ended up taking up a lot of our time. Right now, season one is complete, along with a Halloween special, and the story only has nine total chapters.

With Agent Cinderella and full-time work, I didn't have time for the other stories I planned. I also started writing on Chapters TapTales in January. My first story, Unaccounted For, hit 775k total reads! I now have goals to release a revamped version on Episode. Although writing on TapTales is much easier, it was still time consuming, especially as I tried to update daily.

At this point, I've decided to cancel Hit and Run 2 and Cyberstalk 3, although that may change in the future. I still want to write a Maternal Instincts prequel, but that may need to wait for the mythical "Episode mature app" that a lot of people are waiting for. I still plan on revamping Cyberstalk and that has been started, although I haven't gotten very far. I only entered one contest, but contests were canceled about half way through the year, so that wasn't entirely under my control.

Although I didn't meet my goals this year, I still feel like I accomplished a few things. I hit my 1 million reads goal and have nearly 800k reads on Chapters across three stories (two complete). I only entered one contest, yet it did very well winning a contest and an Epy award and also seeming to be quite popular with readers. I also have completed six episodes for the Episode version of Unaccounted For which I hope to release early next year.

So while 2019 wasn't a "successful" year in terms of hitting my goals, I don't think it was necessarily a bad year. I have new goals for 2020 (post to come) and have already started working on some very exciting projects!


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