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How To: Solve the Agent Cinderella Puzzles (Episode 7)

Stuck on the math puzzles in Episode 7? I got you!

Since I've been getting constant questions about this, I thought it would be easier to post all the answers and explanations on here. This will be easier to find than an Instagram post and also I'll be able to better explain the logic behind each one! (Because I can't just give you the answers without explaining. I grew up with a professor for a dad lol. If you don't want to read, just scroll to the bottom!)

Puzzle 1

For this puzzle, there are several different symbols. Essentially, you need to figure out how much each symbol is "worth" to figure out what the answer is.

I've given you three solved equations. The first symbol is clearly 2. From there you can work out what the second and third symbols are worth.

A lot of people have been stuck on the equation and haven't been sure if you're supposed to ADD or MULTIPLY that first symbol. You need to ADD the symbols together. Why? Imagine you had two bananas, each worth $3. If they were sitting next to each other on a table, would they be worth $6 or $9? The answer would be $6. The same logic applies here.

So now we know the first symbol is 2. We can solve for the second symbol (4) and third symbol (6).

That means the equation is: (4+4) + 2 - 6 =?

Digit 1 = 4

Puzzle 2

In this puzzle you have a sequence/pattern where you need to figure out the missing number. There are a few different ways this one can be solved.

Ignore the first number and the blank space for now, and look at the last three numbers. Can you find any patterns? For me, something obvious actually jumps out: If you double each number and subtract 1, you get the next number (i.e 5 x 2 = 10. 10 -1 =9).

This might not be obvious to everyone, but what you can do instead is look at the difference from 5 to 9 (4) and the difference from 9 to 17 (8). The difference doubles. If this is the correct pattern, the difference between the blank space and 5 should be 2. That would make the missing number 3. This works because the difference between 2 and 3 is 1 which means the same pattern continues. 3 is also double 2 subtract 1.

And that explanation was super confusing but ultimately...

Digit 2 = 3

Puzzle 3

Finally we have a magic square. So every row, column AND diagonal must equal the same number. NO NUMBER can repeat so numbers 1 to 9 must be used at least once in the square.

The easiest way to do this is to find a complete row or column and figure out what it adds up to. Look at the middle column. That equals 15.

We need to solve the top right square. We actually don't need to solve ANY of the question marks to figure that out. We can just use to right column.

6 + 1 + "solve this" = 15

This is basic algebra.

Digit 3 = 8

So there you have it. Three puzzles and the code is 4-3-8.

I hope this helped all of you who were stuck! (Although let's be honest, most of you probably just skipped to the answers lol.)

Thank you for reading Agent Cinderella! Season 2 will be out this year!


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