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Check out my stories on Romance Fate: Stories and Choices! These stories are exclusive to Romance and contain premium content. This app is 17+.


Under Audit

Genre: Romance

Sub-genres: Erotica

Status: Complete

Synopsis: CEO Lincoln Ronson is gorgeous, confident and charming and he also happens to be your latest audit client. A relationship between the two of you is strictly forbidden but you can’t deny the chemistry and neither can he. Will one night together be enough to diffuse the tension? Or will it only make things more complicated?


Submitting to Desire

Genre: Romance

Sub-genres: Erotica

Status: Complete

Synopsis: You’re a successful business woman who knows what she wants… except in the bedroom. When you meet gorgeous Dominant, Rhys Lancaster, he opens your eyes to a world you didn’t know existed. Will Rhys be able to give you what you need, or will you struggle to submit to your desires?

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 10.21.28 am.png

Deadly Obsession

Genre: Mystery

Sub-genres: Triller/Detective

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: You had a nightmare about your mother’s death once again. When you wake up, the arrival of a new neighbor and a new partner is bringing back the case one more time. Will you resolve the case that your detective father couldn’t?

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