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2020: New Year, New Goals

With a new year comes new goals and a lot of exciting new projects!

Happy New Year! As I mentioned in my previous blog post, 2019 was a fairly quiet year for me writing-wise. I didn't publish nearly as much as I wanted and as a result, I didn't hit my Episode goals for the year. I'm confident, however, that 2020 will be a much more productive year.

Towards the end of 2019 I actually already started working towards my 2020 goals. I already have some exciting stuff in the works which I'm hoping to start sharing soon! My writing goals this year are not solely focused on Episode! In fact, my focus on Episode will actually reduce this year so that I can focus on my other projects.

I recently signed contracts with two other (new) apps. These apps are still in beta testing and my own stories are still in the very early stages, so I'm unable to share much more yet, but if they both pass all the testing and make it to the publishing stages then I'll release details as soon as possible! I can tell you that both stories are very different; one is a mystery/thriller and the other is a very steamy romance!

I still plan on writing for Episode (and possibly their mature app if/when it officially gets released). I'm hoping to be able to to juggle all these projects throughout the year as long as I manage my time properly.

Episode goals:

  • Publish (and complete) Unaccounted For (my Chapters story which I'm bringing to Episode)

  • Revamp Cyberstalk (1&2) in Limelight with all new missions, more mini-games and much better directing

  • Enter a contest

Other writing goals:

  • To have both my new stories do well in their beta tests and get purchased for the full seasons

  • To have at least one of these apps sign me on for a second story and/or to get approached by another app to work on another story (essentially, I'd like to have outside-Episode projects all year)

  • Finish off "The Witness" on Chapters TapTales and write a short story (15-ish chapters) to keep my TapTales presence up

At this point, I've already got six fully completed episodes for Unaccounted For. Episode seven is written but only partially directed. My goal is to finish season one before starting to release the episodes weekly. Originally I wanted to finish the entire thing, but with my other commitments this will no longer be possible.

With my two other projects, one is already up to the writing stage. The outline has been approved and I've just finished writing chapter one. It went through several revisions but I hope the team is happy now and I've started working on chapter two. It's the steamy romance story which is a bit out of my comfort zone. It's also my first story with absolutely no stalker element. The app is rated 17+ so this story will definitely be mature.

For the second story, the outline they required is much, much more detailed. It's still under review and I'll probably have to make quite a few changes to it first before I start actually writing and coding. The story is quite complicated as it's a murder mystery/psychological thriller, but I'm very excited about the plot. I've wanted to write the story for a long time actually. If you've read my Episode stories and liked Ghostwriter, I think you'll LOVE this one!

So overall, I have a lot planned for this year, but I've also already done a lot of ground work to set myself up for a successful 2020 and I can't wait to share my stories with everyone!


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