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Under Audit is officially out on Romance: Stories and Choices!

I'm excited to be able to officially announce that my new story "Under Audit" is out NOW on Romance: Stories and Choices! This story is exclusive to Romance which means I cannot write it anywhere else. It also contains several diamond choices which give you additional premium content!

Romance is a 17+ app and this story is definitely mature so I wouldn't recommend it to younger readers. It's a romance, but with very steamy themes and plenty of sexual content.

Working with the Romance team has been an incredible experience! Whilst this is my story, the team had a lot of input in the choices and content and I've had a great time working with them. Also, how amazing is this cover?

Currently, the story has four published chapter with more to be released soon. I have no control over chapter releases, but I can tell you I've been working super hard recently and there'll definitely be more to come soon.

If you read the story, let me know if you like it! If you're having trouble finding the app, you can download it here.


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